DVD clipper and joiner is the freeware than can cut DVD clips of any length from a DVD file.The clipped portion can be the song of a movie or any one of your favorite scenes !!Not only this;it can join several dvd clips to make a single clip as well. So,no more saving whole movies .Save you space. !!Go to the download section  
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  Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner 1.1


Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner can clip any desired part of a DVD movie.It can be used in::

                a) Making unlimited clips from a DVD movie.

                b) Clips that can be played during a slide show.

                c) Capture favorite scenes from the movie..

                d) Capture clips of video songs from a movie.

                e) The new version supports MPEG and DAT video formats as well !

It also supports joining multiple clips into single one.This can be used in ::                

                a) Creating remixes of videos.

                b) Creating file that contains multiple video clips  joined into one.

                c) Making collection of favorite scenes.

 Following is the screen shot ::


 Screen shot of Sofonesia DVD Clipper and Joiner


To download ,click on the download link below.

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